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I believe design is not about being different. It's about making a difference. When done well, it might look like magic. It might be delightful. It might be invisible. But, the substance of design derives from the degree to which it makes people's lives better.
Currently In: San Francisco, USA
But, there's still a lot of the world I have yet to see ( ✈️ ). Use the above button to send me an email if you think I might be a good fit for your team or project. 
I have a master's degree in Service Design from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. It's been ranked as the best design school in the world for the past 6 years.
I am highly interested in the fields of policytechnology, and healthcare.
From photography to service design
I've undergone a lot of change in my career. I like to say I followed the scenic route. I started out as a journalist, but eventually found my way behind a camera. 
I spent the next decade observing the world through photography. I learned to quickly connect with people and communicate their experiences in an image. As well, I learned to translate the chaotic nature of the world into ordered designs.
In San Francisco, I began working in the photography department at the Academy of Art. As a manager, I was challenged to fix old processes and innovate new systems that balanced the needs of the administration, security, faculty, and students. Above all, I learned that the success of each venture was inextricably linked to the experience of the students.
I loved empowering students to achieve their goals, and I found myself wondering how to do it at bigger scale. It was then that I first heard the terms design thinking and service design. After a bit of research, I discovered the RCA. I decided to move to London, the heart of service design innovation.
My WORK, So far
As a designer over the last 7 years, I've challenged myself with projects across a wide array of fields, such as:
- Machine learning research and impact
- Mindfulness and behavior change
- Autonomous transportation 
- Peer mentoring in tech
- Homelessness policy
- Tech organizational change
- Corporate financial reimbursement
- Refugee immigration policy
- Legislation monitoring
- Equipment tracking
Through my experience, I've come to believe that design is the core of strategy, and that a service design methodology is the best way to make intentional decisions. Using it, I can effectively diagnose and frame problems through research, generate actionable insights and opportunities, and develop coordinated, beneficial outcomes.​​​​​​​
Tim's capacity for abstract thinking can be translated into concrete results that will ultimately benefit any project he works on. I also find that he has an exceptional ability to connect with people, materialising in great skills to conduct and analyse research that leads to innovative opportunities. He would be a fantastic asset to any team and organisation."
Joshua Notley - Service Designer, BT
I absolutely loved working with Tim! He has the know-how and dynamic energy to create an environment that allows colleagues to share and critique openly, which makes him a fantastic innovator and team player. He is also one of the most creative people I know! He has an incredible talent to generate impactful ideas from abstract concepts, turning them into solutions that are feasible, viable, and desirable. As well, he is well-versed in cutting edge design and technological advancements, meaning his work is always at the best standard.
Vivian George - Design Strategist, McKinsey
Within the broad spectrum of design, the areas in which I specialize are:
Service Design // I help the right people solve the right problems. I'm a professional at figuring things out. I orchestrate experiences that enhance and expand the agency of people and things. I help people work together, make decisions, and take action.
Research // I thrive in uncertain scenarios. I'm a pathfinder. I love encountering new fields and industries, quickly building a knowledge-base and identifying insights that others missed.
Strategy // I aim to tackle challenges and puzzles that have yet to be solved while maintaining perspective on what drives a business. I am comfortable analyzing and building future visions and scenarios, as well as executing on quick-wins. I'm not afraid of politics and stakeholders.
Photography // I am a storyteller in multiple languages, from the written word to abstract ideas. I help organizations and communities focus on what matters most: people.
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